DCRP Walk the Vote & Networking for Votes

October 26, 2012 


To: Friends of the Douglas County Republican Party


With less than fourteen days to go, we are focused on getting Republicans and Conservatives to the polls. We are reaching voters on the ground with the DCRP Walk the Vote and online with DCRP Networking for Votes (look for follow-up emails).


Round One / Wrap-up: Thanks for all the time and effort that you put into Round One of the DCRP Walk the Vote project. When completed, over 150 volunteers will have distributed literature to over 20,000 households and 35,000 voters.


Round Two / Preparation: Through your activity and the success of Round One, we should be able to grow the project and reach more homes and voters in Round Two.  If you have volunteered for this effort and haven't already picked up your materials, please contact David Harper david@dcrponline.com or call me at (402) 850-3850.



-Week of October 15th: Recruit additional volunteers / Assemble walk packets – completed

-Week of October 22nd: Assemble & deliver walk packets – please let us know if you do not have your packets

-October 25th to November 6th: Round Two of DCRP Walk the Vote


If you would like to help and are able to deliver literature in your neighborhood, contact David Harper david@dcrponline.com or call me at (402) 850-3850. If you have friends and family that would like to help, please forward our information.


With your help, we will elect Conservative Republicans to both local and national offices. And, with your efforts, we can begin to Take Back Our Country, Take Back Our County, and Take Back Our City!


Thanks again for your hard work and support!


Scott Petersen, Chairman

Douglas County Republican Party

(402) 850-3850


P.S.  Feel free to forward this email to your friends and family and encourage them to get involved.


The DCRP Walk the Vote project is an effort to deliver the list of Republican Candidates

(Click Here for PDF) and Candidate Information to as many Republican and Independent households as possible.  You may find more informaiton and a link to the Douglas County Election Sommissioner's office on our Voter Inforation Page.


Walk Packets include:

    Walk List and Street Map for your area

    Collated DCRP Candidate Slate & Candidate Literature



    Distribute literature to each household on the list

    Please "pinch" the literature in the door (don't use mailbox or newspaper tube)

    Do your best and try to complete your list on or before Tuesday, November 6th.


If you have questions, please email David Harper david@dcrponline.com or call me at

(402) 850-3850.